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   Sta4CAD Update/Demo:

   You can download updates from this page. Also you may order the updates/demo in CD or download from CD request page.
   The Windows version of the program's updates are free. The updates can be downloaded and installed manually from this page or automatically downloaded or installed by the updater in Sta4CAD.

     STA4-CAD automatic update program
Note:If the internet firewall on your computer warns you about the download package, allow it to connect to internet to recieve updates.

Sta4CAD V13.1 Updates (Last Update: )
Note: To manually download and extract the files, use the below section.

     Sta4 input section, analysis programs

     Analysis results and design

     Drawing files and fonts

     Foundation FEA analysis

     Various utulities
     Retaining wall updates, uninstall old version(istinat) before installing new versions.

v12 updates  ()

Sta4CAD English

Sta4CAD Turkish
     STA4-CAD v12 Setup(~40 MB)
Note:You can download the latest revision of Sta4CAD v12 from this page. No addition/update will be done for this version. Please download and install HaspDriver.exe if the program won't work.

Additional downloads

     STA4-CAD font setup

     STA4-CAD dll repair program. If Microsoft Office or any Autodesk product runs in an install window when Sta4-CAD is started or if the option window of Sta4-CAD gives an error, run this program.

     HaspSRM setup files for Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7/8 (32/64 bit)

     HaspSRM command line setup files for Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7/8 (32/64 bit)

     Windows system files

    Download Sta4CAD Demo version
    You can download the demo version of Sta4CAD or request a cd.
    Setting up Sta4CAD for Windows Vista,7 and 8 computers and common computer errors are described here.
    Some special examples for Sta4CAD can be downloaded from here.

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